zMors modular is a modular synthesizer for iPad. You can add various modules to your patch and connect them with cables. You can use hardware gear with up to 8 usb inputs/outputs for audio and/or control voltage send and midi in/out


OSC, MultimodeFilter, WaveTable, ADSR, Slew, VCA, DSP, Combiner, Oscilloscope, Chords, CV Sequencer, Step Sequencer, Midi Keyboard, XYPad, Delay, Reverb, BPM CLock,4x4 MatrixMixer, Macro for complex setups, Quantizer, Sample/Hold, AudioUnit Host (fx+synth), gate/cv to midi, 4 Band PEQ

  • Roadmap

  • reset function for modules
  • update gui in euclidean sequencer + extern modulation
  • add logic module XOR,AND,NOR,NOT
  • Release Notes for Version 2.0 (2018/5/24)

  • fix audio units (screen size for some apps)
  • fix alert position on iPhone X
  • Release Notes for Version 1.9 (2017/4/5)

  • fix a bug gui freeze in cv-sequencer module
  • fix a bug restore pan knobs when turn left
  • fix a bug in keyboard: add a filter for current midi channel
  • Release Notes for Version 1.8 (2017/02/13)

  • add iPhone support (now universal app)
  • new Presets from Stephan Bobinger
  • new module loop recorder
  • new module swing clock modulation
  • add select AUv3 presets
  • add new small presets for iPhone
  • add a new 8x8 performance sequencer module
  • add a new waveshaper module
  • add a new delay2 module
  • add a new cv pitch folder module
  • add system settings for select audio engine
  • add knob labels
  • add 'store_in_blob' parm to sampler for smaler presets
  • add a PLL module
  • resort AUv3 list
  • ask for layout when auto add an multiple
  • fix a bug when try move the midi keyboard module
  • fix some memory leaks
  • Release Notes for Version 1.7 (2016/8/26)

  • add a set of excellent presets from christian c. thompson
  • add a new audio engine with 8 input/output channels
  • add support to expert sleepers ES-8 module
  • new ladder low pass filter module
  • new sub patch module with javascript coding
  • new monitoring option in oscilloscope,
  • euclidean module display pattern info
  • new monitoring option in wavetable
  • copy & paste function for module groups
  • auto add zmModulPolyLoop in console module channels
  • add ch2pulse program to dsp module (output 1.0 when input signal is changing)
  • bugfix step sequencer module save pattern when > 16 steps
  • disable zoom/scroll when patch is locked
  • add attack,decay modulation inputs to slew module
  • cv sequencer hold current step when knob editing
  • when delay module clk input is connected knob using clock_multi as parm
  • 8Bit OSC with new defaults
  • ADSR2 will auto trigger when GT not connected (lfo)
  • wavetable module in OSC-mode will render CV input in audio speed (for fm stuff)
  • render step select input in cv sequencer in audio speed
  • add cable lowpass filter support to poly loops
  • auto stop midi sequencer when RST port connected
  • add value inputs for cable properties
  • add iPad Pro native display support
  • Release Notes for Version 1.6 (2016/4/23)

  • new audio units module
  • new equalizer module
  • new sample & hold module
  • new quantizer module
  • new gate/cv to midi module
  • new midi to 4 gate/cv module
  • midi sequencer gets reset Input port for Ableton Link sync
  • new 2 finger gestures on greater canvas
  • fix backgroundimages and bluetooth le midi support
  • Release Notes for Version 1.5 (2016/3/3)

  • optimize preset handling (enable/disable autosave)
  • add filter low pass delay line limiter parameters
  • add pulse width parameter (in samples) to Ableton Link module
  • add new layouts to multiple module (2/1 + 2/1)
  • update: Ableton Link SDK 1.0.1
  • optimize keyboard layout
  • bugfix: inter app audio
  • bugfix: iCloud file support
  • bugfix: Ableton Link background modes
  • Release Notes for Version 1.4 (2016/1/20)

  • add a new module Ableton Link (clock generator)
  • add a new module Clock Divider
  • add a new module Euclidean Sequencer
  • add a new module FM/PM OSC
  • add a new cable properties editor allows define attenuate, offset, lowpass, quantizer and noise on each output port (tap on connected output port)
  • changes: the low pass filter allows now self resonance without input connection
  • changes: the delay module is now clockable by an input port
  • Release Notes for Version 1.3 (2015/9/11)

  • add a new controller module with keyboard, XY pads and JavaScript support
  • add a new ADSR module with retrigger and build in VCA
  • add a new 8/1 multiplexer module
  • add a one knob module with midi cc send option
  • add a new console mixer module with pre routed macros and midi filter
  • add midi cc input as alternative to cable connection on each module input port
  • add midi out port on main module
  • add midi merge programm to combiner module
  • add cpu save option to VCA module
  • add init phase parameter to OSC module
  • add simple expressions on context menu parameters
  • add alias free saw mode in MathDSP module
  • add a audio input port to cv sequencer
  • add bi polar option to matrix mixer
  • add cv to midi cc option in midi filter module
  • add 'Mix with other Apps‘ option to setting menu
  • add a score editor in midi player/sequencer
  • allow JS sample access to wave table module
  • fix autostart in sampler
  • fix a problem with recording function
  • fix a problem with zoom modules
  • fix a problem when cables not showing
  • fix a problem when mix with other apps
  • update module descriptions
  • add factory defaults function for all presets
  • Target for this Update ist iOS 8.4
  • Release Notes for Version 1.2 (2015/5/23)

  • add inter app audio host module
  • add midi sequencer module
  • add sampler module
  • add midi filter module
  • add motion module to create cv signals
  • add polyphonic midi module
  • add karplus strong pm oscillator
  • add puredata module
  • add iCloud Files Support to import audio, midi and pd files
  • add new custom layouts to macros for subpatches
  • add recording into wav file function
  • add Bluetooth LE Advertise Midi (TopNavigation-Settings)
  • add new programms to the dsp and combiner module
  • add double tap to zoom module
  • Remove known issues
  • when missing any module please leave a short message on support page
  • Release Notes 1.1 (2015/1/10)

  • add oscilloscope scale x/y in the context menu
  • add log2, log10,DownSampling RAMP to DSP module
  • add threshold, gate programs to combiner
  • add WaveTable Additive Mode (like zmors synth)
  • add WaveTable unipolar lookup
  • add circular/vertical knob gestures
  • add play/pause button to top navigation
  • add last change value option in combiner module
  • add a matrix mixer module
  • add a bpm clock module
  • add to combiner LastChangeMode of a signal (to combine trigger or cv signals)
  • improve cable snap on drop
  • speedup wavetable module
  • Remove known issues

2016 Collection (free patches)

zMorsModular2016Collection.zip (all as zip 6.3MB)

ClockDelayBassKick HouseSeq080915 gauss_alarm_fm NoiseSequencer5 MonoShaper002 CanonFMHardCore LoveIsALoser2 ModStep_v003 PDemBoBuMix ChordUplifterHard2 gauss4_mono_glide NoiseSequencer3 Piano Dem Bossa3 microDAWDubStep WaveMorpher gauss_chords MixerDrumExample3 NoiseSequencer6 FFTandIFFT FettKickDrum AE_CanonFMPoly coolUpSampleSeq LoveIsALoser3 ModStepDrums PM_Synth001 LfoUpLifterVerb DualFilterSeq01 NoiseSequencer444 Wobble addLFO WeWishYouAMerryChristmas2 FilterNoiseSeq fract_divider AnalogModulation KPS_DelayLine LoveIsALoser LowPassGate3 reVerberLFO_FM2 SoftDeepBassSeq3 AE_appleevent_fmbass MonoShaper001 LowPassGate2 RingModSweep SampleBeat5 sin_morph_saw Use_modstep drums FMBeatRevGate 8bit_sin_sync SoftDeepBassSeq2 AE_ComplexModBS001 FMPercussion2 GuiMuxBinSynth FilterSRSeq02 kps tutorial FMSynth2 BeatAppleEvent percussiveRobot adsr2_lfo_bass FMSynth7 TurntableDust harmonic_seq 8bit_sweep MixConsole002 StepGates AdditiveBPM2 kps_chords3 fract_shaper_synth SampleSlicerSeqPM rockme_gently newBeat23 FM3SeqCV001 BassFilterMover2 FMSynth4 MonoMatrixSynth simpleBeat XYPad_NoiseLiftVerb SampleSlicerSeq NiceSampleFilterEffekt MatrixSynth2 ModStep_v002 WaveOSC_CC50 TapeStopBeat3 FilterSeq SimpleMatrixSynth FMSynth1 ModStep_v004 FMSynth5 ReverbModulator ifft_modulation MixerDrumExample1 Synths_PolySynthPad gauss_chord_seq PhaseKickBeat canon_fm_hupe dsp_cv_tester WaveOSC_Noise_CC50 filtermodsynth PianoKarplusStrong FM3SeqCV002 kps_chaos User_midi drums ComplexModBS002 dsp_step_prg_fract CrazyFMGlide noise_sequenzer bass_additive2 NoiseSequencer4 NiceSampleFilterEffekt2 Synths_Poly Pipes PhasenFMSyncKnarzer4 youtube_tut_chords WeWishYouAMerryChristmas3 hhhh macroBeat3 FMWavePerc WeWishYouAMerryChristmas5 4LP_SeqSelfRes2 BlibBlabBlub002 Mux8Example EuclidPercussions LowPassGate4 SampleBeat4 ChordsSeq3Analog PWM_Bass swedish_house_sc_comp microDAW PDemBossaBusMix FMSynth3 MixerDrumExample2 kps_chords shortFM kps_arp AE_KPSChords2 BassDeep GuiExample CanonAliasSawTest AdditiveBPM BassFilterMover WeWishYouAMerryChristmas4 HouseSeq080915_2 XYPad_NoiseLift HZ_TimeLoop Poly Pipes BirdsFM DualFilterKick CanonAliasSawTest2 DEMOSYNTH001 zwitscher_8bit fm synth88 MixerDrumExampleSC SampleBeat4SoundCloud random_seq_Seq_X_lfo LinkedChords2 microDAW4 Mux8Example2 kps_chords2 RobotPercussionDiv3 AE_HouseSeq080915 WeWishYouAMerryChristmas1 Piano Dem Bossa2 BlibBlabBlub001 8Bit_Mod Piano Dem Bossa lfoFmSwipe NoiseSequencer44 LinkedChords FMPercussion 4LP_SeqSelfRes BusMixerBeat c64 digitalString StereoFilterBASS2 ManyBirds ModStep_v001 FMPercussionEclidian2 elise8gauss macroBeat4 StereoFilterBASS4 KarplusStrongPDB StereoFilterBASS reVerberLFO_FM1 FMSynth6 kps_chords4 SeqSpeedFilterRevMod LowPassGate newBeat22 PhasenFMSyncKnarzer3 ComplexModBS001 microDAW2 BeatsSeq_TranceBeat BeatsSeq_Beat 3 maschine_fm_ad EasyHouseBeat TubeDriveDual_LFO_Mod AlienTalk ChordUplifterHard BeatsSeq_Swedish House444 roboter_fabrik PolySynthPad2 RobotPercussion2 percussion2 NoiseSequencer7 AE_FilterSeq AE_LiveSync StereoFilterBASS3 kps_analog_seq PhasenFMSyncKnarzer microDAW3 komisch RobotPercussion seq_chords_new FilterNoiseSeq2 PhasenFMSyncKnarzer2 FunnyFMAdsrOnVerb ComplexModBS003 ReverbModulator2 DarkKickBeat01 WeWishYouAMerryChristmas6 AlienTalk2


Pascal Doguet - Bolton Paradise 1
Pascal Doguet - Choose Your Hypnosis
Pascal Doguet - Orange Mecanique Sensation
Pascal Doguet - Vodoun Batucada
Pascal Doguet - TwoG
Pascal Doguet - Oberaime
Pascal Doguet - Axis is Axis
Pascal Doguet - place-saint-michel-patch-zmorz.zip

Presets by Christian C. Thompson

zMors_Modular_Presets_by_Christian_C_Thompson.zip (480KB)